French and Indian War Quiz





1. The French and Indian War was part of the larger ___________ .

King William's War

War of the League of Ausburg

War of the Spanish Succession

Seven Year's War


2. What was the major source of wealth for New France ?

The fur trade


Cotton and Rice



3. The French and British conflict over _________ was the direct cause for the French and Indian War .

the Ohio River valley


the Mississippi River Valley

the Iroquois tribes


3. Who wrote the letter demanding the French leave the area in question #3 ?

King George II

George Washington

Robert Dinwiddie

King Louis XV


4.Washington was forced to surrender to a French force at the battle of the Meadows on July 4, 1754 . Washington and his force of about 300 were under siege by a French force of 700 at ____.

Fort Necessity

Fort Carillon

Fort George

Fort Niagara


5.What led to Braddock's defeat at Battle of the Monongahela or the Battle of the Wilderness July 9, 1755 ?



Braddock was cut-off by the French fleet

The British Indian allies switched sides

The French had artillery and the British did not

ambush by French and Indian forces



6. Who was the British colonial commander Champlain Valley , superintendent of Indian affairs and victor of the Battle of Lake George ?

William Johnson

George Washington

Major Robert Rogers

Gen. Wolfe


7. What was the key French fortress defending the St. Lawrence River Valley and Quebec ?


Fort Carillon

Fort Niagara


Fort Duquense


8. The site of the French Fort _____ later was renamed Pittsburgh in honor of William Pitt.


Fort Carillon

Fort Niagara


Fort Duquense


9. The Greatest French victory of the War was at the battle of _______, where Montcalm defeated British  force five times his size .


Fort Carillon

Fort Niagara


Fort Duquense


10. The massacre of British soldiers and civilians after the Battle of ________ by French Indian allies

was portrayed in the movie and book , Last of the Mohicans.


Fort Carillon


Fort William Henry

Fort Duquense


10. How was Gen Wolfe able to land his forces close to Quebec ?


Wolfe made a surprise night landing

Wolfe and his forces crossed a frozen river

Wolfe disguised his troops as Indians

Wolfe built a bridge across the river at night


11. This famous painting depicts the death of  Gen. Wolfe at __________ , where the British conquered Quebec.



The Siege of Louisbourg

The Battle of Montreal

Battle of the Plains of Abraham

The Battle of Fort Duquense








Answers to the French and Indian War Quiz

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