French and Indian War Quiz  






1. The French and Indian War was part of the larger ___________ .

Seven Year's War



2. What was the major source of wealth for New France ?

The fur trade




3. The French and British conflict over _________ was the direct cause

for the French and Indian War .

the Ohio River valley




3. Who wrote the letter demanding the French leave the area in

question #3 ?

Robert Dinwiddie



4.Washington was forced to surrender to a French force at the battle of

the Meadows on July 4, 1754 . Washington and his force of about 300

were under siege by a French force of 700 at ____.

Fort Necessity



5.What led to Braddock's defeat at Battle of the Monongahela or the

Battle of the Wilderness July 9, 1755 ?

ambush by French and Indian forces



6. Who was the British colonial commander Champlain Valley ,

superintendent of Indian affairs and victor of the Battle of Lake George


William Johnson



7. What was the key French fortress defending the St. Lawrence River

Valley and Quebec ?




8. The site of the French Fort _____ later was renamed Pittsburgh in

honor of William Pitt.

Fort Duquense



9. The Greatest French victory of the War was at the battle of _______,

where Montcalm defeated British  force five times his size .

Fort Carillon



10. The massacre of British soldiers and civilians after the Battle of

________ by French Indian allies

was portrayed in the movie and book , Last of the Mohicans.

Fort William Henry



10. How was Gen Wolfe able to land his forces close to Quebec ?

Wolfe made a surprise night landing



11. This famous painting depicts the death of  Gen. Wolfe at

__________ , where the British conquered Quebec.





Battle of the Plains of Abraham








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